Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rollins Homes currently have any homes for sale?

Any spec homes we have for sale are listed on our Homes For Sale page click here to see our inventory.

What is a Spec Home?

In the simplest of terms, a spec home is a home that we construct with the belief that someone will eventually come along and want to purchase the home. In other words, we construct the home based on speculation of what a buyer would look for.

Does Rollins Homes build custom homes?

Yes we do! If you have your own plans, want to create custom plans, or if you want to utilize one of our many existing plans we can build your new home. 

Does Rollins Homes have more lots available to build on?

Yes we do! We buy lots in the Columbus, Texas area with the intent of building a new spec home on those lots. We have lots available on Live Oak St and on Second Ave.

Can I select a model of home that Rollins Homes builds and have that built any lot I want?

Yes you can! You can select any lot we currently have available or we can Build on Your Lot (BOYL).

Can Rollins Homes build a home outside of service of city utilities?

Yes we can! We can build a home outside of the service area of a city. Our customers are responsible for providing water from their well, power from their electric provider, and have to install a septic system for sewer. We advise our customers to consider these additional costs when building on their own property. 

Does Rollins Homes provide financing to purchase a home?

Unfortunately we do not provide financing to build your new home. But we can suggest financial institutions like our local bank, the First State Bank of Columbus, to assist with your mortgage. 


Available Home Lots

5 Live Oak St Lots

5 Live Oak St Lots

5 Second Ave Lots

5 Second Ave Lots

Build On Your Lot

Build On Your Lot

Dont forget Rollins Homes doesnt only build Spec homes, we will (BOYL) Build on Your Lot!